Saturday, June 13, 2009

fundamentals of better programming

Just a quick note. This site, SourceMaking, is probably the best single collection of information on three key areas of software development: Design Patterns, Refactoring and UML.

If you aren't actively practicing the methods described here then you should at least be reading about them and hoping to put them into practice soon. I'm sure you are already a pretty good programmer, why not become a better one?

The clickable geek picture will bring you to the 56 Geeks Project where you can find even more geeks you may recognize.


ronny said...

Personally I very much doubt the use of design patterns.
I also think that UML is far too powerful for reasonable coding (But learning it might be worth it).

Refactoring is a must. An incredibly important must. Yet at work it's hard to justify change without changing functionality/adding visual value.

All in all I'd say the best thing would be to just participate in a bigger (perhaps open source) project. This will teach you that style, !code review! and communication is important. (I probably forgot something.)

Arnold said...

Thanks for the input. I've learned much since posting that item. In particular, I've come to understand that design patterns aren't so much a prescription for how to write code but instead are a tool for identifying and communicating common code patterns before or after the fact.

ronny said...

indeed. sry for the "late" input. someone tweeted about it? no. I saw you on stackoverflow! that's how it was^^